Frequently Asked Questions

When is ReCap?

ReCap 2019 takes place from the 3rd- 31st August. We advise you to travel a couple of days before the project starts but to arrive at the latest on Friday 2nd August.

Where does ReCap take place?

Participants will meet for the first time in the Old City of Jerusalem on the 1st August. Participants will be based in Bethlehem with travel to cities in the West Bank.

How much does ReCap cost?

We are still awaiting confirmation of funding for accommodation and travel costs within the West Bank. If funding is available participants will be expected to cover the cost of food and social activities.

In the unlikely event funding is not available, participants will be expected to cover the cost of the accommodation and travel within the West Bank. The estimated cost of this is €400.

There is no participation fee. Travel costs to and from Palestine are the responsibility of the participant.

Who can take part in ReCap?

Any medical students with one year of clinical experience are welcome to apply for ReCap. However, applicants from countries such as Jordan, who are unlikely to be granted entry to the West Bank, are unlikely to be considered.

How can I travel to Palestine?

The most common route is to fly to Tel Aviv and then travel by sherut to Jerusalem. Alternatively you can travel overland from Jordan.

Is ReCap safe?

The situation in the West Bank is generally quite stable and ReCap has never been affected by any conflict; ReCap continued to go ahead during the Gaza War in 2014. Of course we take the participants’ safety seriously and the project would be cancelled if the situation became unsafe, however this has never happened before. Your Palestinian hosts will ensure that you do not travel to any areas where you would be in danger.